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About Burke

This is the page all about Me - in short, I love to ride bikes, take photos, and generally live my version of the dream. I am based out of Asheville, NC, really like to travel and explore, and when an opportunity presents itself, it's not about what, its "where and when."

I consider myself lucky to be able to do what I Love, and Love what I do. 

"Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is"

Thanks for reading the short version - For the Full Scoop, scroll down.



The FULL Scoop

My name is Burke and I am a photographer based in Asheville, NC. Originally from just outside Washington DC in Virginia, I have always had a love for capturing the world through my lens. My life-long passion for photography began at an early age with film and has been intertwined with my love for bikes, more specifically - mountain bikes. Combining my two passions has allowed me to travel to amazing places that I never thought possible, and I feel fortunate to be able to share my experiences through my photos.

My specialty is utilizing natural light to show perspective and scale in such a way to capture the moment that evokes a feeling from an image. With my extensive background in action sports photography, I have a unique eye for capturing those candid, in-between moments that make the moment what it is - whether it's your wedding photo, surprise proposal, the winning moment from a World Cup race, or the way your dog looks at you that makes all the 'rules' crumble and give in to the cuteness. I understand the importance of creating beautiful images that truly represent the subject because that is what I see, what you see, and want  to remember. Ya know when you remember something in total greatness and detail, with how it felt? That's what I am aiming for.

I also like long walks on the beach, getting lost in the woods, and I LOVE a good burrito! And of course - with good company!


If you've got any other questions - Whether its what my favorite color is, if you think I could be a good fit for your project, or if you want to know if I'll be a part of your surprise skydiving proposal - I would love to hear from you!

Partial Client List:

  • US National White Water Center

  • REI Co-Op

  • Asheville on Bikes

  • Freehub Magazine

  • Ultra 4 Racing

  • PinkBike

  • Giant / Liv Bicycles

  • Snowshoe Mountain

  • Intense Bikes

  • Industry Nine Componentry

  • Kona Bikes

  • Cane Creek Components

  • Swiss Sports Media

  • Niner Bikes

  • Mountain Flyer Magazine

  • Wind Rock Bike Park

  • Little Bella's

Back Country behind Telluride
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