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The moment only happens once

I first started playing with disposable camera’s at a young age, having my Mom get my photos developed for me. As the fascination grew, I signed up for a photography course in 7th grade, followed by advanced photography in 8th grade, and kept on with it shooting & developing film throughout high school. I picked up the camera again after college with a bit more perspective on life, the same interests I had before and this new passion for road tripping and travel.


That travel bug took me all around the country, to some of the most amazing places, and it landed me here, in the heart of the mountains of North Carolina - in Asheville.

I have been presented with so many amazing opportunities and adventures – every one of them telling a story. A lot of those memories aren’t remembered by single action, or day, but by a specific moment - a stand out moment that takes you back in time, helps you relive that experience. Something we are becoming detached from in a digital age where images are being presented to us in a rapid manner, of things we have no relevance to other than the image itself. 

My aim with every photo is to capture the moment, evoke a feeling, and tell the story.

It is a privilege to follow my passion and work with people to be able to bring what they have imagined into reality, before they can see it themselves.


-- Now booking for 2019 & 2020. --


For questions or more info, feel free to shoot me a message.



- Burke   

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